Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting Ready for the Late December Gaming Sessions

My son Alex (aka his professional name, William) will be back from Michigan this holiday season, as will our neighbors/friends the Rivenburgs which can only mean one thing – gaming!  I’m not talking online – I mean boardgames, miniatures, and RPG’s. 

On deck this season is a planned monster game of Leviathans!  If you haven’t picked up the game, order it.  We’re talking a steampunk miniatures boardgame set at the turn of the century – with flying battleships!  I did some of the background fiction writing and playtesting of the game system and Alex did some playtests of the game early on.  Naturally I'm biased that the game is incredible.  We’re planning on a big battle which I will be photographing the moves for a future blog post.  We’re talking big – two full game sets plus all of the additional ships from the expansion packs and the ones we won at GenCon.  This is going to be brutal, massive, and painful.  I can’t wait. 

Miniatures and board games are great but you have to have opponents.  Leviathans launched a Kickstarter to have a mobile device version of the game and I have to admit, I’m geeked.  Finally all of the fun of the game and I don’t have to wait months for players.  Go to Kickstarter.com and check it out. 

I picked up Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing fighter combat game this year too.  Love the minis and from what I’ve seen of the system, this is going to be a lot of fun to play.  Alex was always a Star Wars fan so this should be a hoot to break out. 

I have been recently making the proverbial hop from Dungeons and Dragons to Pathfinder, thanks to Barry Buchanan.  In high school I Barry played in my group and at GenCon two years ago he convinced me to try Pathfinder.  I was shocked.  One, it was well written.  Two, it simplified all of the overburdened rules of D&D.  For years now I have had a well planned fantasy game setting that I am revamping now to incorporate Pathfinder.  Not only that, but I’m planning a seven book series on the universe setting – one I’ve been working on since college.  The downside, it’s as complicated and complex as Game of Thrones.  The upside, it’s as complicated and complex as Game of Thrones.  I hope to get in one session during the time between Christmas and New Years.  That, or Mutants and Masterminds.  Let’s be honest, this is a win-win scenario for me. 

Finally, nothing says loving like invading the United States of America Red-Dawn style.  Yup, time to break out the new edition of Fortress America.   I played this puppy at Gen Con and got hooked on it all over again.  

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