Sunday, November 25, 2012

Social Media and the Daisy Zick Murder

Daisy Zick near the time of her murder 

Now that I’m done with my Cuban Missile Crisis book, I’m turning my attention to my true crime book on the Daisy Zick murder in 1963.  The working title for this is: A Special Kind of Evil. I’ve spent a good six hours going back over the police case file and my notes on the case.  

Unlike my previous books, I’m leveraging social media (Twitter and Facebook primarily) to solicit information on the case and people.  I’ve made some postings simply letting people know I’m working on the project.  I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get. 

The reaction has been incredible.  First off, there have been two tips that were solid enough for me to pass onto the State Police.   This is fantastic.  Secondly, a significant number of people came back with memories they had of the crime or of Daisy herself which I have been able to include in the book.  Some were unsure if their information was of interest or use – but it was.  Even the rumors they heard are part of the myth that has built up around this case over the decades. 

Social media like Facebook is changing the way authors connect with communities.  I’ve been able to leverage pages like “You know you’re from Harper Creek if you…”  same with Battle Creek, etc..   I have connected with Historical Societies via Facebook, as well as some people directly.  It never ceases to amaze me how connected we’ve all become.  I have been able to link up with relatives of some of the officers involved with the Zick murder over the years too.  I find with my true crime projects that people want to know about the men investigating the case almost as much as the victims and killers. 

So has this led to a resolution of the case?  Time will tell.  It has helped me produce a better book, and for that – I’m grateful.  And for those of you that weren’t sure about contacting me – don’t hesitate.  My email is at  

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