Sunday, January 6, 2013

Geek Magazine - A Review

A review of a magazine?  Sure. Finally those of us out there that are proudly self-proclaimed geeks have a magazine that can embrace as our own – Geek.  They have cranked through four issues so far and the magazine is proving itself to be iconic in the nerd community. 

What makes Geek tick?  First off, it’s unabashed in its embracing the lifestyle of its readers.  What that means is that the magazine has coverage of movies (sci-fi, fantasy, and action/thrillers), television, comic books (bingo!), space technology, online/mobile/system based gaming, music, technology toys and gadgets, and even books.  Yup, all of the elements of the geek lifestyle get some sort of play in the magazine. 

The articles are crisp, picture/graphic laden, and really add to the articles.  The writing is top-notch but is far from dull.  Many of the articles are laced with pop-culture references that often leave you chuckling, even when the tone is serious.  Thanks to Geek, I learned about the Polar Lights 1/350 scale model of the USS Enterprise which I now proudly own, and I’ve jumped back into reading comic books after a year hiatus.  I find their articles on cosplay to be entertaining, even though I don’t indulge in this aspect.  This is the only magazine I read cover-to-cover. 

Are there any shortcomings with the magazine?   Two come to mind.  I’m a fan of the hard copy of the magazine.  When you subscribe, you can only get it online for your mobile device.  No biggie.  The other is that it doesn’t cover RPG’s or board gaming yet…though the last issue did have an article on Dungeons and Dragons in NYC.  I would love to see a standing column covering this part of my nerdish lifestyle because it’s an aspect of our geeky-community that is deeply ingrained.  Not to mention I write in that industry.  

I give this magazine five out of five stars.  Go buy Geek, or check them out online.  You will NOT be disappointed.  

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