Sunday, September 9, 2012

Interview with James William Peercy

What is your most recent published work?
'Without A Conscious...', a mystery-thriller.

What is it about?
It is about a college student who wakes up one morning to find an envelope
slipped under the door of his apartment. As he opens the package, he sees
pictures of his grandmother murdered. A call immediately comes in with a
strange voice asking ‘Where is it?’ and then hangs up. The next thing he
knows the FBI are knocking at his door. Not only does he have to figure
out who murdered his grandmother, but why, connecting it in with genocide
and revenge against the United States of America.

There are four more planned for this series. The titles of the five books
will form a sentence which will only be complete when the last book comes
out. Of course, that won’t stop the series from continuing beyond five

What can you tell readers about the main character?
The main character is the reason for the title. It is how he finds his
clues in the story. Cliff Fulton was taught many techniques of problem
solving when he was a child by his grandmother. He and his family also
have a knack for unconsciously putting together facts. This is what
started the idea, 'Without A Conscious...', implying 'Without a
conscious thought...'. Yet the title is even more than that. It is the
first part of a sentence and each of the next four books in the series
will complete the sentence.

What was your favorite part of the book for you to write? What are you
most proud of?

The story is a grabber. Once you start reading, the action doesn’t stop
until the very end. There is a part where Cliff saves another person from
dying at the hand of a murderer. At the end of the chapter the person is
asking why this happened in the first place, and Cliff answers in
startling clarity summing up the whole thing in only a few words. When I
wrote that, it was the perfect completion to the chapter. This is just
one many. I also like the attraction between Cliff and Penny. It adds an
extra element making the story even more real as Cliff struggles to deal
with both heart revelations, and betrayal from those closest to him.

What other authors inspired you to undertake this project?
It began in middle school. I picked up a book in the library called ‘To
Save A Planet’ by Robert A. Heinlein. After reading that book, I knew I
had to write. I began to write everything down: dreams, stories, and
novellas. Once I hit High School, I was writing full books. The key
author, and biochemist, who inspired 'Without A Conscious...' was Johanna
Budwig who in 1950 found a way to let the body fight off cancer without
chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation.

What genreĆ¢€™s do you write in?
In middle school I fell in love with scifi. In high school I encountered
Dungeons & Dragons and began to mix in fantasy. It wasn’t until 2010 that
I wrote my first mystery due to some research to help my father; he was
diagnosed with colon cancer. (The main character in the mystery book,
‘Without A Conscious…’ is also named after him.) It would be safe to say
I have not limited myself as to a genre, and who knows what is next.
Poetry is also something I do every day posting on my storiestotell fb
page and my personal page.

When you have time to read (?) what do you enjoy? WhoĆ¢€™s your favorite

I have no favorite and find reading cross genre very helpful in the
writing process.

What is the coolest thing a reviewer ever said about your work?
Anytime I hear the words 'Did not want to put it down', I know I've done
something that was worth the write.

Tell us a little bit about what you are working on now or next?
'Without A Conscious...' came out in April, and I am working on the next
four in the series.

On top of this, I currently have nine books already written and in the
editing stage, many of which have been written through the years. One of
those books, a fantasy called ‘The Wall Outside’, is supposed to come out
this fall. It is about a couple who goes on vacation and strange things
begin to happen as one is kidnapped into a magical realm. The other must
face enormous odds to get them back.

I am also currently working on finishing the edits for ‘Ivan’, a scifi
novel about a UCT, Universal Computer Tech, that enters hostile galaxies
as a day job. Troubles wait around every corner. And of course, I am
working on the second book to follow the mystery ‘Without A Conscious…’.
There are currently planned four more books, though the series will not be
limited to that.

When will it be available?
'The Wall Outside' will be out Sept 15th.

When do you write? How many hours a day/week?
I write all the time. It is one of those things I have to do.
Sometimes it is on a book or story. Every day I create a poem.

How do you prepare for a project? Do you work off an outline of your
book or write by gut-feel?

My first stage is research. I read all about anything and everything on a
topic. As I research, my mind creates a basic synopsis, i.e., the
beginning and the end of the story, and then I begin to write, or rather
the story begins to create itself. Characters meet and react like real
people, no matter what the surroundings. We must feel their agony, fears,
and joys until the final end.

Do you have any events or book signings coming up? Where? When?
Sept 28th, 29th, and 30th in Washington State. The time and locations I
will be posting on my website in the next few days at

How can readers connect with you? 
twitter #jameswpeercy
and I am on 


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