Saturday, July 2, 2011

True Crime Book Review: Bind, Torture, Kill - The Inside Story of BTK

The beauty of true crime books is that they are timeless; so I hope this relatively late review of Bind, Torture, Kill is well received.  I got the e-book for my Kindle because, like many people, I remembered the news snippets about this serial killer.  The BTK killer struck in the 1970’s then disappeared, only to resurface a few years ago.  The apprehension of Dennis Rader and his icy confessions to the crimes were incredible – but like most people I didn’t know the whole story. 

This book did not disappoint.  There are a few BTK books out there but this one was penned by Roy Wenzl, Tim Potter, L. Kelly, and Hurst Laviana, journalists that covered the story (some from the beginning).  These folks are writers, which makes this book complelling to read.  So many folks jumping into true crime in the last few years lack the ability to paint a compelling story.  These authors do a very good job.  With so many authors I was worried that it would be choppy, as if each section or chapter were penned by someone else.  That is NOT the case.  This book is a smooth and eerily addicting read. 

The authors really told the story from both sides of the investigation.  You got to know the authorities that were going after this killer – faults and all. The many years that these crimes covered were consuming for many of them and they come across as sympathetic real people – not cardboard characters from central casting.

They provided a good picture of the murderer, Dennis Rader – though there still seemed to be a gap here – why?  Like most serial killers, we are left with that open question.  I think, out of the other BTK books out there, this book does the best job of giving us insights into the killer’s mind.   

HarperCollins did a great job with this as an e-book.  There were a lot of photographs included and they did it right, putting the images throughout the book rather than a section in the middle or the end. 

Is it worth reading?  Hell yes!  Download this book now!  It is captivating summer reading for true crime fans. 

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